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Completed Modernization Projects of the Armed Forces of the Philippines for 2017 - A Summary (Part 1)

For the AFP Modernization Program, the start of 2018 actually means two things. First, the Horizon 1 Phase of the Revised AFP Modernization Program has officially ended. And secondly, the new year also marks the beginning of the Horizon 2 Phase of the same program.
MaxDefense was not able to make a year-ender before the New Year of 2017, but we promised readers that we will be providing more for the start of 2018. And that means aside from a year ender to discuss what defense projects were completed for 2017, MaxDefense will also be discussing the status of procurements of ongoing and impending modernization programs as of the end of 2017, for both the Revised AFP Modernization Program (RAFPMP) Horizon 1 phase under RA10349, as well as from the original AFP Modernization Program (AFPMP) under RA7898.

Difference of AFPMP RA7898 and RAFPMP RA10349:
Despite the discussions MaxDefense has made for the past 4 years, there still appear to be confusion for some of its readers on the differen…

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